At West Woodburn we aim to provide a high quality Science education. We hope that our children will develop their knowledge and understanding of the world around them using their prior knowledge as a starting point. We intend that pupils will understand the value of Science, enjoy working scientifically and show great interest in learning science. We encourage our pupils to think scientifically, explain their thinking and develop excitement and curiosity about the subject. We hope our children are able to explain what is happening, predict what will happen and analyse their findings. We believe that for children to achieve in Science they must be given the opportunity to conduct experimental investigations for themselves. 

In Reception the children follow the Early Years Foundation Stage curriculum where science is intertwined in daily learning experiences. Children are immersed in a rich environment which develops their knowledge and understanding of 'Technology’, ‘People and Communities' and 'The World'. They explore using their senses to develop their skills of observation, investigation, prediction and discussion. Their learning is enhanced further during their weekly visits to our fantastic forest school, where they investigate changes in their own environment, and develop care and concern for living things.

In Key Stage 1, children use practical, hands-on experiences, books, photographs and videos to look closely at the natural and humanly-constructed world and are encouraged to be curious and ask questions building on the foundation laid down in Early Years. They begin to write about their investigations and predictions.

By using scientific processes – observing, problem solving, pattern seeking, predicting outcomes of experiments and communicating findings in a variety of ways – the children begin to develop their understanding of scientific ideas.

In Key Stage 2, children broaden their scientific view of the world by exploring, talking about, developing and testing their ideas. They then use their evidence, scientific knowledge and understanding to justify and explain their findings using more complex scientific vocabulary.


At West Woodburn we want our children to enjoy learning Science and develop a passion which can be built upon throughout their education. In accordance with the National Curriculum guidelines, the children in each phase have experience of topics drawn from Biology, Physics and Chemistry. As children move through the school we build on prior learning and home experiences  and make cross curricular links where appropriate.