What does our Governing Body look like?

Our full governing body is made up of 11 people which includes the Head teacher, one member of staff, four parent governors, four co-opted governors and one local authority governor. We currently have two sub committees: Resource Management and Strategic Policy Direction. Other sub committees are also convened as and when needed - this is to focus on other areas that need to be analysed.  There are governors with specific interest in Finance and Health & Safety. Some governors also have previous experience of working in education but this is not a prerequisite of being a governor!

 I am really busy, what would the time commitment be?

Being a governor is a voluntary position so meetings are planned as much as possible to prevent conflict with work or family life, however it cannot be denied that to be an effective governor, you will need to allocate time to be truly effective. The full governing body meets once every term, normally at 5.00pm. A subcommittee will also meet additionally to the full governing meeting and there may be a visit required to the school during school time to observe or talk to staff and/or pupils. From time to time working parties are formed to develop proposals on behalf of the Governing Body. As well as attending meetings, there is also a need to read papers in readiness for these meetings and to keep up to date with developments within education.

What does the school get out of parents being governors?

A Governing Body can be successful when all members come from different backgrounds and bring a wide selection of skills and views to the body. Parent governors are an extremely valuable part of the Governing Body. Parents have an obvious keen interest in the success of their child’s school and a useful insight into the effectiveness of school policy and procedures through their own and their child’s experience.

Why you might want to become a Parent Governor

There are many differing reasons why parents want to be involved, from “wanting to give something back” to “wanting to get more involved in your child’s school”. Others want to gain a better understanding of how schools are run and how the education system works.

What training and support will I receive in order to fulfil my role?

The Local Education Authority organise general training courses for all new governors. Other training courses, on line training and conferences are then available dependent upon the needs of the governing body and your own areas of interest.